Certified Safety Professional/Certified Industrial Hygienist

Posted 30 Mar 2021


Los Alamos, NM (Environmental)


POSITION: Certified Safety Professional/Certified Industrial Hygienist JOB TYPE: Full Time LOCATION: Los Alamos, New Mexico

Job Description

The Certified Safety Professional (CSP) / Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) manages or performs industrial hygiene activities including qualitative and quantitative IH/safety surveys, reviews of MSDS, review or preparation of site-specific health and safety plans, analysis of risk and other industrial hygiene applications.

• Demonstrate and apply the basic industrial hygiene concepts (anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling hazards to workers, the general public, and the environment)

• Manage or assist in the performance of industrial activities and assessments

• Provide data management and evaluation support risk assessment and health and safety management

• Solve problems by making accurate and informed decisions regarding IH and safety

• Perform duties safely to minimize threats to self and others in work setting with potential chemical, physical, biological, and safety hazards

• Support other service areas as assigned

• Demonstrate a professional attitude toward clients, customers, and co-workers to reflect favorable on the company

• Remain ready and available for extended travel

• Perform such other duties as assigned

Basic Job Requirements

• Certified Safety Professional (CSP) or Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

• Bachelor's degree (minimum) or higher in industrial hygiene or safety; or related science field (chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, toxicology, etc.) with experience in logistics, health and safety related project management

• Advanced computer and data management skills in a Windows-based platform

• Willing and able to perform field oversight of environmental projects

• Willing and able to perform extended travel (3-6 months or longer) for project assignments

• U.S. Citizen

• Offer contingent upon results of background check and pre-employment drug test

Preferred Qualifications

• HAZWOPER 40 Hour Training

• Radiological Worker II Training

• DOE/DOD project experience preferred