Industrial Hygiene/Safety Representative

Posted 11 Aug 2021


Oak Ridge, TN (Environmental)


• Subject matter expert in one or more health and safety areas (e.g., air quality management, asbestos management, industrial safety, hazardous materials management, hazardous waste management, ergonomics and/or injury and illness prevention)

• Support compliance of the ISMS program.

• Participates in plan-of-the-day and post-job briefings to discuss the day’s tasks, hazards, and relevant ES&H topics.

• Interpret local, state and federal regulations and determine the appropriate method of compliance.

• Identifies potential hazards associated with existing and planned systems, equipment, products, facilities, and processes.

• Develops, reviews, and approves job hazard analyses and activity hazards analyses.

• Administer the ES&H plan and participate in ES&H related investigations.

• Comply with hazard communications program

• Conduct ES&H training including Lockout/Tagout, confined space, etc.

• Develops health and safety plans/procedures and designates personal protective equipment

• Maintain ES&H-related records in accordance with project records management procedure(s)

• Performs surveys and assessments to determine compliance with health and safety regulations and requirements

• Review business proposals for adequacy for specifying health and safety requirements

• Implement the industrial hygiene program

• Participate in confined space activities.

• Assist with Covid-19 reporting and response

• Support monthly safety meeting as requested.

• Conducts/Participates in safety meeting safety representatives.

• Monitor employee work activities during various weather conditions

• Ensure that proper chemical and safety postings are in place and legible.

• Ensures compliance of the respiratory protection program.


• Complying with training requirements such as security training, general employee training, reporting waste, fraud or abuse, etc.

• Reporting promptly employee impairments or other situations where an employee either due to illness or medication use may be a hazard to himself, other employees, or to property

• Self-reporting accidents, injuries, or near misses in which you are involved or which you observe

• Keeping the project manager immediately informed of all ES&H violations or suspected violations


• Exercises STOP WORK authority without fear of reprisal for unsafe conditions potentially affecting personal safety or the environment

• Reports to supervisor all instances of waste, fraud, or abuse without fear of reprisal