Mechanical Engineer

Posted 29 Oct 2022


Oak Ridge, TN (Engineering)

Specialty Mechanical Engineers will produce design and procurement documents of specialty and first of a kind equipment (gloveboxes, furnaces, high vacuum systems, metal casting/machining equipment, etc.).

Engineering design tasks may include:

• Development of build to print design drawings.

• Development of equipment specifications.

• Associated calculations and analysis associated with machine design (to include, but not limited to, finite element analysis, structural and seismic analysis, ergonomic studies, kinematic calculations and heat transfer calculations);

• Development of procurement documents.

SM Engineer Qualifications – Minimum Requirements:

• Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from an Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC)

• 5 + years of experience with design/specification of custom mechanical equipment.

• Experience leading multi-discipline (i.e. mechanical, electrical, instrumentation/controls, HVAC, piping, welding, etc.) machine design efforts and producing build to print equipment fabrication packages, including fabrication drawings, specifications, calculations, etc.

• Experience with engineering calculations/analysis associated with machine design: finite element analysis, structural and seismic analysis, ergonomic studies, kinematic calculations, heat transfer calculations, etc.

• Experience writing equipment fabrication specifications for specialty designed equipment.

• Experience with applicable American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Glovebox Society (AGS) and other industry codes and standards.

• Demonstrated ability to work in a project team environment and communicate well with other disciplines, customers, and stakeholders.

• Ability to follow procedures and work within a rigorous work process

• Ability to perform work duties to defined project schedules

SM Engineer Qualification – Preferred Experience:

• Preferred experience – 10+ years

• Experience in 3D engineering/modeling and machine design experience (preferably with gloveboxes, furnaces, high vacuum systems and metal casting/machining equipment).

• Hours will be 06:00 - 16:30, Monday through Thursday. The position will be full time.